A Journey With Farmers

A Journey With Farmers

A Journey With Farmers

A Journey With Farmers

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Offering Farming Solutions in Bhutan

The company will be promoting poly house, generally called low cost green house. the smallest unit of poly house will be of 126 square metes of 6m/21m.

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In essence the Company, applying business strategies, seeks to improve assets and incomes of small-scale horticulture procedures and create opportunity for horticulture related agri-business and employment by modernizing horticultural Products

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The Bhutanese farmers of present and future generations practice horticulture for fulfilling their social and economic aspiration. Horticulture has the potential to be the most profitable rural enterprise providing high labour productivity and return on investment.


To present the private sector as a strategic partner for enhancing farm labour productivity and return on investment and the efficiency of the public investment. To provide an effective link between Bhutanese farmers, local, regional and global markets.


To apply commercial strategies to maximize the productivity of labour and land, and have a high return on investment on horticulture. To realize the national policy of Brand Bhutan and promote commercially viable organic farming.